Saturday, July 10, 2010

Did you ever have that know...the kind that...

feels like it will never....ever end, and if it does end, you'll be bald and trembling and curled up in the fetal position, next to your crying infant and the toddler that just fell off of the top bookshelf and banged his head??? too!

There will not be a lot of pictures in this blog. I will put in a few occasionally I'm sure, but this is a place to pray. Mom's join me. Let's lift our babies up to our Lord and let him make each day count.

Please take a moment to comment, or add to the prayers you find here. Every mom needs to know she isn't out there on her own. Whether you have 12 kids or only 1 you still have those days where you're not sure that you can go on. Let's share our prayer requests. Let's share our joys and our sorrows on this journey of motherhood.

In Him,
Mama Nettie

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