Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I blink and it's been 3 days since I've even...

had a shower, picked up a book, exercised...you finish the sentence your way! Have you ever had that day/week/month that it seems like something is always standing between you and getting anything accomplished? That kind of time where you're not sure what you did today, but you're grubby, dog tired, with bags under your eyes, and you look around and somehow an explosion has taken place in your home. Maybe you find your purse, or possibly a pot holder or clean mixing bowl in the fridge and none of your children are big enough to open the fridge? Or you notice that you cannot walk through your livingroom because somehow it had seemed like a good idea to fold the laundry there and your children thought it seemed like a great place to UNFOLD the laundry and mix in as many toys as they could find (and possibly a peanut butter fold over or part of a banana...) LOL!

My little Logan (6 mos) has been teething miserably over the last few days. His first tooth finally popped through and showed it's little head, but the second one is close behind and causing all sorts of mayhem for my little guy! Long story short, sleep is something that I can't quite remember ever having experienced....! And even still, it hit me today that I haven't had a shower in a couple of days, I haven't had a glass of water since last night (it's 4PM), and I haven't picked up my Bible for time with my Lord in a while. I've been on auto pilot, just letting life happen to me, and never awake enough to take care of my body, mind or soul!

All of these things that seem so overwhelming and big in our lives, will work themselves out if we will start our days and fill our minds with the one who's bigger! Let's pray together Ladies!

Dear God in Heaven,

We thank you so much for the many many blessings that you've given us! We praise you for our beautiful children. We praise you for the sleepless nights when we have hours of one on one time comforting our babies, and we praise you for the quiet nights that some of us are experiencing now and others of us are really looking forward to!! Thank you for giving us a sense of humor. Help us to laugh at ourselves when we're a little crazy from lack of sleep, and give us clarity of mind on the things that really matter.

Lord, our desire is to raise up children who will follow you, and dedicate their lives to you, and yet we find ourselves going days without really sitting down and meditating upon your word. Father, please put a desire in our hearts to worship, to read, to study, and to meditate upon your word every day. For those of us who have had little sleep, Father, please give us clarity of mind and wakefulness when we pick up the Bible. We give our hearts to you Father. We lift up our children to you, and pray that you will give us the strength to take care of our bodies and minds(your temple) even when we are exhausted.

Lord, we know that our children will serve you the way that we serve you, so we beg you to help us serve you better. Remind us Father, that you want the best of us, not the leftovers. Help us to remember that if we give you the best, the leftovers will be much much more, because you bear the brunt of our struggles for us and we can live with peace and joy in our souls.

We love you Lord. Help us to serve you with all of our hearts.

In Christ' Name we pray,


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  1. Oh Nettie! I have been having one of those weeks! Lets pray together...

    We thank you so much for each moment that we are able to spend with our children. We know how truley blessed we are to have these babies in our arms and Lord, we just praise your name for each one of them.

    Lord, we come to you and ask for you to give us guidance, Lord. Show us the way that you have planned out for our family, Lord. We want so badly to be in the direction and on the path that You have chosen for us, but some days the right choice seems as though it is not clear to us. Help us to find the path that is Your will and that will bring glory to your precious name.

    Lord, I also pray for your helping hand to allow me to see the time available in my day. Many times Lord, I feel so overwhelmed with my schoolwork, the chores of the house, and the misc things that come up throughout the day, and I struggle to find the time to just sit and read Your word with my children. We want to raise our children to serve YOU, our savior, but Lord, as Nettie said, as parents, we must set the example. Please shed light on the time that is available in my day because I know it is there, but I also know that the devil is helping to hide that time with things of less importance.

    Again Lord, I praise your name for my children, and I thank you for my husband. Show me how to be more like you.

    In Jesus' precious name we pray,