Saturday, July 10, 2010

My little Bella will be 3 at the end of the month and... seems that she has been in transition from baby to big girl over the last few weeks. It has been an incredibly challenging few weeks for the both of us! She has decided that everything should be done her way. She should go to bed when she wants to, eat when and what she wants to, and blatantly disobey any time she feels like it. She is so smart and so sweet, but I want to scream when she says things like "Mommy, I need my water." and I tell her "ok, bring me your cup and I'll get it for you." and she says (very matter-of-factly) " can go get it yourself." That's when I take a deep breath, breathe a little prayer, and say back to her (Also, very matter-of-factly) "If you want water, you will bring me your cup."

It is like, all of the sudden, we have to re-define the boundaries, and re-teach respect and kindness. And then there are those moments when I can watch her make a decision and it's the right one, and I praise God and shower her with approval! Today she chose not to hit back when her brother knocked her over the head with a wooden car! I could see the wheels turning in there. I could almost see her weighing the options. Ethan is not even 2 yet and is suffering from severe frustration with his inability to communicate well. Bella looked at the toy stethoscope that she had in her hand, and then chose not to hit him! She pointed her little finger at him and she said "Ethan, Please do not hit me!" I was beside myself with pride! She stood up for herself with respect and kindness!

Dear Lord,

We come to you with our heads bowed low, begging you to give us the insight, wisdom, and patience that we need to raise our children to follow you. Lord, in this world that makes a Christian mom feel so out of place, please wrap your arms around us and fortify us with your strength in our weakest moments.

Lord, we thank you so much for our children; for our healthy children and those who suffer with illness. We thank you for every moment. Thank you Father for guiding our steps through the difficult times.

Lord, we ask you to bless our babies with strong wills so that they may remain faithful to you when they are grown, and we aks you to bless us with stronger wills so that we may raise them up to follow you!

In Jesus Christ's Name we pray,


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